*******Brooklyn Meets Chicago*******

Christopher LeMark is back at The Promontory with his latest tribute, Brooklyn Meets Chicago (Heart of the city) concert in honor of JAY Z's December 4th birthday. 

The show will take you on a journey through his illustrious catalog while featuring music from some of today's biggest artists. This two hour Hip Hop and R&B production is filled with 100% live instrumentation, melodic sounds and great showmanship. 

Hosted by Notrydo Sincere Phalair Carter 

Featuring live performances by 

Shaina Jones as Beyonce 
Sherrion Jolly as Mary J. Blige 
Shyenn as Rihanna 
Anthony DiAngelo Ingram as Biggie ... 
Isaiah Jones as Pharrell 
Gordon A Gartrelle as R-Kelly 
Bash Love as Solange 

For bottle service contact Christina Mighty @Vip@promontorychicago.com 

For dinner reservations before the 9:30 show rsvp here http://promontorychicago.com/restaurant/reservations/ 

Doors open at 10 pm 
$20 Table and row seats 
$15 Standing or Bar seats 
Purchase: goo.gl/0NHnEv

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