*******Quote of the Day*******

Today was a reality check for me. Sometimes being impatient can destroy something that took a long time build. Sometimes us as human beings we can believe that our way is the only way that should matter. And if things don't happen in your times table, then you disregard it and walk away. But if we fail to see the potential or value in something you may miss the greatest thing called "Evolution"! One of the definition for Evolution is the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form. If you've invested so much time in something that you believe and you begin to slow but surely see more and more, why would you give up on that something. You my be the only nourishment that this something has. And if you walk away from it now you may miss what once was a seed transform into the most amazing flower. Giving up is easy, but being patient and sticking it out is the hard part.

Sincerely, Isaiah Steven Jones

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