Reality Check with Jon Stewart

Today's "Reality Check" is a very sad one. Jon Stewart (Host of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) who is normally very witty and humorous with news on any other day was hurts and sadden by the recent shooting that happened in Charleston, South Carolina. The late night host said "I have one job, and it’s a pretty simple job. I come in in the morning and we look at the news and we write jokes about it…But I didn’t do my job today, so I apologize. I’ve got nothing for you in terms of jokes and sounds…I honestly have nothing other than just sadness, once again, that we have to peer into the abyss of the depraved violence that we do to each other and the nexus of a just gaping racial wound that will not heal, yet we pretend doesn’t exist." As much as I hate to say it Jon Stewart is right. It's crazy how our worst enemy can be the person standing next to you. Our prayers with the people of Charleston.

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